Secrets of a Ghostwriter

Ghostwriters. These are the people that go unacknowledged for their talent, often swept under the rug and forgotten about. A ghostwriter may write books, screenplays, song, news stories even.
These writers work long hard hours only to have their work given official credit to another person. And though the thought of someone else taking credit for your own work seems nothing short of immoral, more ghostwriters give up their material willingly. Interestingly enough the famous author H.P Lovecraft was a ghostwriter for the escape artist Harry Houdini.

Ghostwriting content

Ironically enough the content Lovecraft provided for Houdini was labeled as “True” stories of Houdini’s life.
Though some people simply hire ghostwriters to do their work for them this is not the only reason ghostwriters exist. Writing in general is known to be one of the most recommended professions for introverts. Though even notorious recluse J.D Salinger (author of The Catcher in the Rye) used his own name on his works there are still those that wish to remain anonymous. Which in turn can become more of a problem when it comes to getting paid or getting any sort of acknowledgment at all.
Ghostwriting is also used as a selling technique in an effort to produce more books in a shorter period of time.¬†For example, the popular children’s mystery novels “The Hardy Boys” and “Nancy Drew” were written by a series of ghostwriters who were expected to copy the style of the books previous to the one they were writing at the time.
More popular than you may think are ghostwriters amongst autobiographies, specifically those of celebrities. If you’ve ever picked up a celebrities autobiography and thought “Wow, they really are good at everything!”, actually that was more than likely the tireless work of a ghostwriter who was hired to make you think that.
Ghostwriters have been around for a long time and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon; they’re just behind the curtain working on the next big story.