platform of quality service is a site where clients post their assignments seeking writers to work on them. The writers bid the assignments depending on their individual abilities to tackle the particular assignments.
For this reason the writers ought to be screened thoroughly to assess whether they are able to offer write ups that won’t disappoint their clients. aims at maximum customer satisfaction by ensuring only the best employees serve as writers. professional essay help.

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Strategies used by to ensure quality services for their clients. In order to ensure quality services,a number of screening procedures are used to sieve the average writers and separate them from the professional writers. The stages include interviews, qualifying exams, test samples on specific subjects and finally the successful are incorporated into the team .
The interested writers are first interviewed to investigate or determine their proficiency.The ones that pass the interview are liable for the next screening step whereas the ones that do not pass are written off.By doing this, ensures a balance in the successive stages.
The successful are then subjected to a grammar test that investigates their mastery of the language so that when they serve clients ,they give refined works with no grammatical errors that may make the clients doubt the finesse of the efficiency of
Those who do well in the grammar exam are then given test essays on their main disciplines in their particular fields.This means that wants the people who can walk their talk thus ensuring only the cream of the applicants work as writers for the clients. Successful applicants are then incorporated into and taught more concerning essay writing and by doing this , make them better essay writers and employees of