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The focus here is to build a brand awareness of a site that in mine and many others opinion is an idea born out of genius, the site in question not only shows a focus on reading but also acts as inspiration to people of all ages to pick up a pen and share the ideas in terms of fiction.
The website is known a is a platform for anyone who signs up to display their literary talent, as well as the illustration aspect of writing a short story. It seems that the idea has arisen through the attempt to help today’s children with their education not only in terms of English and reading but about design, vision, and added scope to learn through the many different topics that are included on story jumper. With a blank canvas, the children are given the opportunity to create a masterpiece that features any topic they can dream of.
Here I aim to point out or highlight the various aspects that are unique and are the reason that so many opt to register.

Studyjumper Review: Website

The website itself is a bold and bright platform that kids will find manageable. The easy to navigate website and large option buttons, it’s ideal for the youngsters of today and will be sure to keep their interest for a long period of times. The creators have gone that extra mile here I believe with nice and quirky little touches such as the sound effects add to the page turning process, making it sound like a paper addition.The pages are responsive as are the options buttons, with an excellent support team should they be required


Studyjumper is more than just a bookstore, its well thought out, well designed, and is targeted not to just the children and teens but can be used as an activity for the whole family, enabling the adults to get involved and create a family masterpiece.
The various other unique and excellent selling points include:
  • Illustration options, using the drag and drop method the site allows the children to illustrate their stories in a quick and fun way, The illustration aspects also suit the creation of their very own comic
  • Share and save, The platform affords children to be able to not only save their publications, but it also gives the ability to share the story with other studY jumper and boasts an impressive library to choose your next bedtime story
  • Lists, The site also offers pages that allow the readers and budding authors the access list and tables on subjects such as top films, top tv, and the best or most looked at books


This really is an all round site, and although there is competition most notably from google, I would agree with the makers that Studyjumper offers a complete package. It makes it easy for kids to be creative and use their imagination for good rather than mischief. It’s useful in terms of educating the child in spelling, punctuation, typing, formats and many other useful life skills that are present in most employment today.
This platform really does put a smile on my face to think of the opportunity that children have to go on a different literal adventure every day, added to the fact that it encourages parents to be involved adding the benefit of quality family time and bonding that many miss due to over stretched lifestyle and professional ties.